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GHD advanced split end therapy

My hair is that awkward inbetween, it’s not dead straight, it’s not curly, it’s not naturally wavy.  If I just wash my hair, when it drys it is just straight with random kinks and waves – basically a mess – so I have to either plait my hair to make it wavy, straighten it or curl it.  I tend try and only use heat on my hair once a week or less as my hair is quite damaged enough as it is.  When I was in year 8 (I’m now im year 10) I remember I used to straighten it so much and at the time I wasn’t realising how much I was damaging it.  I’ve had multiple hair cuts since them, only really trims tho, but my hair still remains damaged at the ends.  I think it is because my hair is quite thin it is just prone to breakage.  I could barely touch my hair after a fresh hair cut and it will be damaged again.  Their are a few split ends that you can see at the top of my hair at the front and there is no way my hairdresser can cut it that short.  I knew that I needed something to try to help my hair out a bit, even if the splits ends don’t go completely I still needed something to make my hair less dry.  I think damaged hair makes your hair feel dry, for my hair to not feel dry I have to keep brushing it every 10 minutes which just creates more split ends and a waste of time.  When I went to the hairdressers last, I saw that they were selling GHD split end therapy and after seeing this in a youtube video it completely jumped out to me.  So I thought I would pick it up and try it out. 

You are supposed to apply 10ml to the ends of your hair or wherever you see damage when your hair is still slightly damp after towel drying.  I personally don’t towel dry or blow-dry my hair as I have heard it just causes more damage.  I just let my hair air-dry.  Once you have applied it you just leave it in and let it soak in and your hair fully dry.  It then says lock into place with your GHD styler.  Most of the time I don’t do this as I don’t see the point of trying to fix your hair damage and then using heat straight away.  Also if I do straighten my hair I do it in the mornings and when I wash my hair I tend to do it in the evenings so it doesn’t work for me.  However, I don’t towel dry and I don’t lock in place with hair styler and this product still works wonders.  I was so surprised with how restored and nutrished my hair felt.  After using it, my hair didn’t feel dry at all and now I have used it about 7 times I have honestly noticed a decrease in the appearance of split ends.  I don’t think that split ends can just go or stick back together so reducng the appearance is amazing.  I can’t recommend this product enough if you are like me.  It is a pricey product at £20 for 50ml – especially as it says 10ml per use – but I have used it 7 times with more than enough product on my hair and it is only about half empty.

The link to buy it is here:

5 tips on becoming less stressed

Stress – whether you’re a still a student or a working adult, you have undoubtedly experienced stress at least once in your life… and it’s definitely not fun. 

Here is how to destress:

1. Get a way for while.  Put your mind at rest and stop what your doing just to take some time for yourself.  A holiday is a great way to do this.  

2. Get organised.  Organisation can help you to stop stressing by helping you know what to do and when to do it.  Time management is a very good way to become less stressed so you don’t have to do things last minute and rush them.  

3. Get motivated.  The better you feel about doing things the easier those things become.  

4. Get a tidy environment.  Tidy room tidy mind.  If you are in a tidy, clean environment it can help you to destress and everything is in good form around you.

5. Get happy.  This is the most important.  The more happy the less stress.  Just remember to smile more often, nothing lasts forever.

Bye guys, thanks for reading!! X

First post 

Well this is my first post.  On this blog I’m just going to write about fashion, beauty, travel – just general things really – that I hope a wide range of audiences will enjoy.  Oh I almost forgot, my name is Catherine (as you can probably tell by the name of my website) and I am 15 years ago.  I’m also going to try and make this blog about life, trying to inspire others and helping you to become motivated.  I’m gonna sign out here… Enjoy!! Xx